• 04/14/10 Terry Fiala – Solo Cross Country

    Well done Terry!! One step closer to that PPL!

  • 04/07/10 Nelson Minar – Solo Cross Country

    Perfect day for a solo cross country!! Congratulations Nelson!

  • 04/03/10 Andrea Bittau – Solo Cross Country

    Congrats Andrea! Job well done! Glad the weather cooperated.

  • 03/19/10 James Baker – Private Pilot!

    Congrats James! All the hard work paid off. It’s time to take some passengers!

  • 03/10/10 Paolo Resmini – Multi-Engine Instructor

    Ever wonder what it’s like to have a spare engine?….now I can help you find out!

  • 03/03/10 AOPA – PIREPS

    Anytime you’re in bad weather (or unexpected good weather for that matter) you should give a pilot report!! It helps everyone make better go/no-go decisions. Remember, if no one gives them, then no one can get them!

    Here’s how:
    AOPA – Pilot Reports

  • 02/28/10 James Baker – Solo Cross Country

    Congrats James! Next up….PPL before you leave!

  • 02/26/10 Who Can Log PIC?

    It’s quite a confusing subject, and a bit of a gray area, but I would say that in the end it’s open to interpretation. Here’s one persons take on who can log PIC time.

    Who can Log PIC?

    UPDATE 3/17/2010: Here’s AOPAs article on the same subject (Thanks Nelson!). It seems to be a little more robust of an argument:

    AOPA – Logging PIC Time

  • 02/02/10 AOPA – Fighting Fatigue

    Thinking of flying tired? Think again before you go. As a newly minted dad (for the second time) I’m always evaluating my fatigue as part of my preflight go/no-go decision. Check out this article on fatigue and ways to help recognize the need to pass on a flight. Enjoy!
    AOPA – Fighting Fatigue

  • 01/29/10 Andrea Bittau – First Solo!

    Congratulazioni Andrea! Way to represent the Italian pilots! E un buon giorno!