Primary Training - The Private Pilot License is the doorway into the world of aviation. With this license you can enjoy the freedom of flight, and take passengers virtually anywhere you imagination (and airplane) can wander. I can provide the training necessary to take a student through the entire process. From first solo to final checkride exam, the experience is an exciting and rewarding journey.

Instrument Training - In Primary Training, a student learns to fly an aircraft primarily by sight and sense. Instrument Training takes flight to the next level, teaching a pilot to rely on the information our instruments provide to allow flight even when we cannot see outside. This allows a pilot to fly in a more diverse weather envelope as well as improve their precision in "fair weather flying".

Multi-Engine Training - Whether you are looking to pursue a career in aviation, or just looking for the added peace of mind of having two engines when you fly, multi-engine training is exciting and challenging. The advanced systems of these aircraft really pushes your understanding of the planes we fly, and help you step up to the next level of aviation.

Advanced Ratings - Even if you're not planning a career in aviation, advanced ratings are a way to continue your pursuit of aviation goals as well as keep your aeronautical knowledge fresh (not to mention the insurance premiums benefits). The Commercial License is a fun and relatively short license in which you learn to fly complex planes to a higher standard than the basic pilot's license.

BFR's, IPC's, and WINGS - Flight training isn't over when you get your license. In addition to the required Biennial Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks, I can provide advice and training in accomplishing phases of the WINGs program, an FAA sponsored continuing education program for aviators. The way I see it, a pilot that isn't learning is forgetting.

Technically Advanced Aircraft - General Aviation has come a long way in recent years. With the coming of affordable glass cockpits such as the Garmin G1000, there is a whole new genre of aircraft equipment. With a background in Computer Science, I can help you learn how to safely navigate through all the advantages and complexities these new systems have to offer.

Tailwheel - Rooted deep in aviation is a sense of history. If you want the opportunity to live history, I can help you learn to fly a tailwheel aircraft. Not only is it a wonderful challenge, but it is a great way to get involved in the "classics". Most aerobatic and antique aircraft are tailwheel. You haven't really lived until you've landed a tailwheel plane in a 15 knot crosswind!!